These dynamic skills arenít really a part of rafting large, stable craft.

Bicycling utilizes dynamic motion control, most noticeably similar to skiing dynamics when youíre puffing and pumping up hills and down slopes on a mountain bike.

In-line skating is a great lesson in the dynamics of motion. Snow Country magazine is particularly enthusiastic about it - Lisa Feinberg Densmore, former U. S. Ski Team member, wrote: ďSince they simulate a carving ski better than any other device, many skiers now religiously skate during the warmer months to help stay in shape and master turning techniques. To practice, stick to pavement with a gentle pitch.Ē

Skateboarding is superb training in dynamic motion skills of snowboarding, and also helpful to the skier.

Water-skiing involves motion and balance in somewhat the same way as snowboarding or skiing. Surfing parallels the dynamics of snowboarding. Snowboard instructors are no longer surprised that surfers pick up snowboarding almost instantaneously.

Horseback riding has earned the plaudits of ski instructors, but only when it actually involves riding at a light gallop or jumping. A casual cruise along a wooded trail on a walking horse is pleasant.

Considering the endless shapes and sizes of the exercise equipment in a modern gym, itís somewhat surprising to find that few of these machines actually engage you in the motion dynamics of skiing. One of the best is the MetroSki Simulator, a comparatively recent invention that originated in Vail. Wearing skis and boots, skiers practice carving turns on a wide, endless, sloping rug belt that rotates beneath them while they watch and try to follow the carved turns of a skilled skier actually skiing down a mountain and projected on a huge screen in front of them.

So enjoy the luxury of summer, even if itís sunbathing on the beach along with an occasional plunge into a rolling wave. But donít drift into becoming a television couch potato or a computer nerd whose virtual - reality dynamic skills wither from staring at the screen.

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These dynamic skills arenít really a part of rafting large, stable craft. Bicycling utilizes dynamic motion control, most noticeably similar to skiing dynamics when youíre puffing
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