Skiing is a challenging sport. The vital reality, however, is that itís a sport in which you set your own level of challenge. Youíre not part of a
team battling another team. You donít compete with anyone else. Skiing is a sport with only one winner - you. And you win by skiing

ē on your own terms,

ē at your own pace,

ē at the level you choose .

If you appreciate the long, gentle green runs, thatís where you ski. If the steeper blues are the trails for you, ski them. Go to the top of the perilous mountains. Stay on the low slopes. Hurtle down the steeps, or cruise easily. You make you own choice.

If you become a gung-ho enthusiast, the kind of skier who canít wait to grab the first lift up in the morning and reluctantly hangs up your skis only when the lifts close, itís your preference. Or you can make it a relaxed sport. Stroll into the base lodge at midmoming to enjoy a cup of coffee and a croissant before you even consider heading out to that highspeed, detachable quad chair. Take only a couple runs before itís time for a long lunch and sitting in the sun on the lodge deck to enhance your tan.

The activity level you put into skiing is like that you put into a trip to the beach. You decide how often, and for how long, you want to splash in the waves, or lie indolently in a beach chair.

You do it your way.

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